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Elba Bed and Language, where learning is a pleasure!


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You can choose between three learning modes: "at the table", "on the road", "online".


A cycle of individual lessons lasting 2 hours, carefully designed according to your interests, your knowledge of the language and your expectations.

You will be able to learn new words, strengthen and consolidate grammar, improve pronunciation, express yourself more fluently, acquire technical languages, prepare for language exams. 

Personalized programs
Preparation for CILS Certification

The use of a textbook is not foreseen: together we will create your personal and unique Italian book!


The "on the road" lesson is total immersion on the island, an opportunity to get in touch with the inhabitants, with the authentic language and its culture.

The "on the road" lesson takes place during the excursion, where you will learn Italian through direct experience. It is a natural approach to language and culture that involves the five senses and improves learning and memorization.

The duration of the lesson depends on the type of excursion: half day (3/5 hours) or full day (6/8 hours).

The island is rich in archaeological sites, historical places, spectacular and very different natural environments. I am also an environmental hiking guide. We can take short or long excursions, to the sea, to the mountains, to explore hidden corners and unexpected panoramas. You will be able to learn about the history, legends and traditions of the island, taste the wine in the cellar, taste the gastronomic specialties, visit museums and archaeological sites, stroll peacefully around the villages, swim in the sea.


The "online" lessons offer the opportunity to stay in touch with Italy and improve your Italian. Classes usually last an hour or two and the time slot is flexible.

Do you want to keep your Italian competence alive? Do you have to take an Italian language exam and do you want to practice? Are you interested in improving or deepening some particular aspect of the Italian language and culture? Do you need detailed grammar explanations for any linguistic doubts?

I'll wait for you on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet.

Elba Bed and Language, flexible plans!



Lessons at the table

A table lesson normally lasts 2 hours.
The cost of one hour of individual lesson is € 35.
The cost of one hour of lessons for 2 people is € 28 per person. *
The frequency of lessons is flexible: you can take one or more lessons per week, choose the basic one-week course or agree on another timetable.

A one week basic course for one person costs € 350 (2 hours per day for 5 days)
A one week basic course for two people costs € 280 per person (2 hours per day for 5 days) *

Contact me for a quote for mini groups. *

Lessons for two or more people are available only if the student level allows it.

Lessons on the road

The walking lessons include two types of exits:
half day (4/5 hours): € 70
full day (6/8 hours): € 140
(The eventual cost of tickets for museums and events is not included)

Online lessons

A lesson usually lasts one or 2 hours.
The cost of one hour of lessons is € 35.

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